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Pink Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance of NH helping cancer patients in NH, MA, VT

We are an alliance of dedicated individuals banding together to support a better treatment experience for cancer patients (with all types of cancer) by providing chemo care packages and financial support.

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We envision a world where everyone will have the opportunity to get to treatment without the risk of financial burden.


To remove treatment obstacles and save the lives of cancer patients one person at a time.

Pink Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance Donations and Volunteers
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Pink Revolution
of New Hampshire

Supporting Patients 
with       Types of Cancer


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PINK Revolution
Breast Cancer Alliance
of NH 

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Pink Revolution of NH was founded by Lauren Caulfield, a breast cancer survivor, and her dear friend, Ronda Chrystal. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2017, Lauren completed 12 months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation. In the wake of having her world turned upside down, Lauren relied heavily on her own support system to pull her through. While she was in chemotherapy, she met cancer patients who didn’t have a lot of support. Some were going to chemotherapy alone, skipping sessions because they didn’t have transportation, or couldn’t afford the cost of getting to treatments. On the last day of treatment, she vowed she was going to find a way to better support cancer patients and look for the silver lining of her own journey.

Pink Revolution of NH believes that no patient should ever have to skip chemotherapy because they can't affort to put gas in their tank to get to treatment.  At the same time we believe that every patient should be able to put healthy food on their table, something that is critical to positive patient outcomes.  Last year we provided just shy of $100,000 in gas/grocery cards to cancer patients in need.  Our goal this year is to double this to $200,000 due to the increased demand from our oncology centers.

We have also been inspired to make chemotherapy a better experience for cancer patients.  Each year we support 1,500 cancer patients in NH, MA, and VT with chemo care packages.  Our mission is to make chemo treatments more bearable and let each patient know that they are not alone!


Knock Out Cancer Boxing Event

Saturday, October 21, 2023


Southpaw Boxing, 41 Range Road, Windham NH

Register with this Link

Pink Revolution's Annual Chemo Care Package Event

Saturday, November 18th 2023

CSDA, 24 Townsend Hill Rd, Brookline, NH

Join 150 volunteers for a morning of music, raffles, and assembly of 1,500 chemo care packages.  Pre-registration required and will open on September 15, 2023.  


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Inaugural Chemo Care Package Event 2018


2022 chemo care package event stats


 comfort care PRODUCTS collected



GIFT CARDS distributed to cancer patients in need




hand-knitted chemo hats donated


chemo care packages DELIVERED



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