The Power of Journaling During Cancer Treatment
Nothing better to brighten someone’s day than receiving a hand decorated journal from a child.  1500 Journals were donated from our friends at Swing Juice, a golf apparel organization.  

According to, "Research has found that journaling calms anxiety, relieves depression, combats stress, and offers surprisingly powerful benefits to those undergoing treatment."  With those positive effects, it became clear that all of our care packages needed to include a journal for every one of our patients.  


Steve Happas, CEO and Co-Founder of Swing Juice Golf Apparel, graciously stepped forward and wanted to help get the journals into the hands of our 1500 cancer patients.  His company donated all 1500 journals!  Our next job was to find that many children to decorate these journals.  

Many phone calls were made and before we knew it we had several organizations on board.  Everyone was more than happy to help out. 


A special thanks to these partnering organizations: 

Boys and Girl's Club of Milford, NH

Camp Tevya, Brookline, NH

Scribbles Early Learning Center, Brookline, NH

Hollis Academy for Children, Hollis, NH

Creative Imaginations Childcare Center, Brookline, NH

Rainbow Preschool and Childcare, Townsend, MA

Camp Ponemah, Milford, NH

Tumbleweeds Childcare Center, Wilton, NH

Various troops - Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains

Brookline After School/Summer Program, Brookline, NH

If your looking for ways to help your student group develop stakes in the community, learn about gratitude and empathy, and teach them about the power of giving back.... this project is for you!

If your student group is interested in becoming involved please contact Lauren Caulfield at 207-210-8334 or by email at


Thank you for your support!

Goal: 1,500