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2021 Pink Patch Program Kick-off!

Community Support at its finest! Purchase your pink patches and support local cancer patients!

Townsend MA police department with pink patches for our non-profit to help cancer patients
Townsend MA police department taking part in our Pink Patch Program.

A big shout out to Chief Sartell, Officer Jeffrey Giles and the entire Townsend, MA Police Department for participating in our Pink Patch Program. Officer Giles was instrumental in getting this program up and running. The police department will be selling pink patches for the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 100% of the proceeds will be going to Pink Revolution of NH toward the purchase of gas gift cards for our cancer patients in need.

Also, a special THANK YOU to the Brookline, NH Emergency Service Departments who have partnered with our non profit organization, Pink Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance of Alliance of NH (based out of Brookline, NH). Their respective shoulder patches have turned pink in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and are for sale!

100% of the proceeds from the Pink Patch Project go towards purchasing gas gift cards for those local cancer patients who need assistance with transportation to/from chemo treatments or to Boston for specialty appointments. Hard to believe but some cancer patients are having to skip treatment due to financial struggles. Hopefully this will help take away some of the worry!

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