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Kathy Hesseltine
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Kathy Hesseltine


"Together, we're not just fighting cancer - we're revolutionizing the journey."

Kathy Hesseltine is the financial force behind Pink Revolution's mission to break down treatment barriers for cancer patients. Since her appointment as Treasurer in April 2021, Kathy has leaned on her expertise and passion to establish transparent financial practices, policies, and oversight - ensuring the financial health, integrity, and sustainability of the organization. Drawing on her MBA and two decades as a Product Manager, Kathy brings a wealth of strategic insight to the table. As the owner of a successful business specializing in bookkeeping and business services, she's adept at turning dreams into reality through meticulous planning and guidance. 

But for Kathy, this isn't just a volunteer role - it's personal. Driven by a deep-rooted connection to loved ones who've faced cancer - and as a survivor herself - she pours her heart and soul into our cause.

Kathy's synergy with Pink Revolution's co-founders, Lauren Caulfield & Ronda Chrystal, started many years ago when their children played youth sports together. This history fuels their awesome collaboration and shared commitment to fulfilling the vision of Pink Revolution.

"I am grateful to belong to this organization, and so proud to be playing a role in providing comfort and support to cancer warriors, hopefully making their tough journey - that I know well - a bit brighter.”

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