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Who We've HELPED

Lisa L.

Cancer Patient
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

I'm so grateful for the generous gift cards. They were put to good use in supplying gas for my vehicle in order for me to receive daily radiation therapies. It's programs like these that relieve one less stress in a challenging health diagnosis

Joanna R.

Cancer Patient, Gift Card Recipient

Thank you and all your many volunteers for the surprise gift bag waiting in our room for my husband's cancer treatment. Everything in the gift bag is very welcome. From the cheerful hand-crafted butterfly to the blanket. My husband is always cold so this is perfect for him. Thank you for caring and sharing this act of kindness.

Meryl D.

Cancer Survivor, Wife to a Care Package Recipient
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

It's hard to explain how I feel about the Pink Revolution grant that I received. It's simply going to be a life-changing experience when I receive my custom prosthetic breast. I have been fighting cancer for three years and it turns your life upside down. Things are looking up for me now all thanks to Pink Revolution and I want to give you all a big shout out of appreciation and thanks. Christmas will be a lot brighter this year. I look forward to the new year and what's ahead of me.


Cancer Patient, Grant Recipient

Like most people, I have never changed my compression the way I am supposed to. I try to hold on to it until it is falling down and not doing much good, but it's always been cost-prohibitive to replace it every three months. I'm not wearing old worn-out compression thanks to Pink Revolution of NH! I don't remember the last time a professional measured me and I learned a few things along the way. Thank you so much for looking out for us Lympies! 


Cancer Patient, Chemo Support Product Recipient
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

My mom went to chemo today for the first time and came home with this fabulous bag full of incredibly thoughtful things. She was so happy to show me everything. She has been so sad and this brought a smile to her face and I am grateful for that.


for a Cancer Patient & Care Package Recipient


Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

The hydration kits that are provided by Pink Revolution of NH for those patients who are struggling financially, have significantly helped to maintain patients’ hydration as they go through treatment. The alleviation of the financial stress in obtaining this needed product has had a tremendous impact on patients’ well-being.

Nancy Druke

Oncology Social Worker, Payson Center for Cancer Care
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

The bags themselves are so thoughtfully prepared - the perfect infusion tool kit! It was a complete joy burst, the day they were dropped to us - first the excitement of the infusion nurses and then the receiving patients. Pink Revolution of NH's mission and the work that they do has a profound ripple effect.

Janet LaBelle

Sr. Social Worker, Needham Cancer Center  
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

Pink Revolution of NH steps in with donations of gas and meals so that no patient will go without the very treatments that are keeping them alive and bringing them closer to a positive recovery outcome.

Liz Calabria

President & CEO, The Greater Merrimack-Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

Our patients are so grateful to receive the gift cards as they are practical and ALWAYS useful. Sometimes a little bit of help goes a very long way in lifting the spirits of patients and their families when facing a life-threatening cancer illness.

Karen Kazanjian-Silvia

Clinical Social Worker, UMass Memorial Health, Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Center
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

In one particular case, the funding for lymphedema sleeves came literally the same day I was on the phone with a tearful patient who was unable to purchase her own sleeve due to her limited income. The funding she received was essential, but the kind and supportive service she received from Pink Revolution of NH was also invaluable. Any such financial relief allows our patients to focus on what’s most important during this difficult time: getting through cancer treatment and healing. 

Jennifer McCalley

Social Worker & Program Manager,
Cheshire Medical Center
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

At the Radiation Center patients have to come in five days a week for treatment and some treatments are several weeks long. We have many patients who travel up to an hour to come to us for treatment. With the increase in cost of gas this can become costly. Patients have expressed sincere thanks to how much these cards mean to them and to not have the extra worry of the cost of gas.

Jacquelyn O'Connor

Certified Oncology Social Worker, Dartmouth Oncology and the Radiation Center of Greater
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

There isn’t a patient who doesn’t smile
when I hand them a Chemo Care bag. It is an unexpected gift on one of the hardest days of their lives. And while a gas card can’t cure cancer, it can momentarily alleviate the very real stress many of our patients face
due to the financial burdens of treatment and reduced income. It reminds them that they have not been forgotten, that they are not alone.

Pamela Hickey

Social Worker, Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Heart for cancer_edited_edited.png

Pink Revolution of NH's donations are not disease or gender specific (which is often a challenge with some of these types of gifts), so we are able to distribute them to our patients without limitations. We are incredibly grateful for their thoughtfulness, and so are our patients. 

Stephanie LaRoza

Oncology Director, Weeks Medical Center
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