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We are an alliance of dedicated individuals banding together to support a better treatment experience for cancer patients (with all types of cancer) by providing chemo care packages and financial support.
  • Pink Revolution is a 501(c)3, 100% volunteer organization
  • There are no salaried or paid individuals
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Nonprofit of the year

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We are an alliance of dedicated individuals banding together to support a better treatment experience for cancer patients with all types of cancer by providing chemo care packages and financial support.

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We envision a world where everyone will have the opportunity to get to treatment without the risk of financial burden.

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To remove treatment obstacles and save the lives of cancer patients one person at a time.


PRBCA of NH, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was born out of the personal journey of Lauren Caulfield, a resilient breast cancer survivor, and her compassionate friend, Ronda Chrystal. Facing her own battle with breast cancer in January 2017, Lauren underwent 12 months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation. During this challenging period, she discovered the vital role her support system played in helping her navigate the ups and downs of treatment. Witnessing fellow cancer patients who lacked sufficient support, Lauren was inspired to make a difference. On the day of her last treatment, she pledged to find a way to enhance the support available to cancer patients, marking the inception of PRBCA of NH in September 2018.

Their mission extended beyond emotional support; they aimed to improve the chemotherapy experience and make treatments more bearable for cancer patients. With the support of volunteers and donors, they initiated an annual Chemo Care Package event, focusing on providing tangible assistance to cancer patients at local oncology sites. Each year they deliver 1500 chemo care packages to patients treating for all types of cancer throughout NH, MA, ME, and VT.

Recognizing the evolving challenges faced by cancer patients, Pink Revolution adapted its support initiatives. Understanding the harsh reality that many individuals, confronted with job losses and mounting medical bills not covered by insurance, are compelled to make agonizing decisions between meeting essential needs and attending life-saving treatments, the organization took proactive steps. In response to this critical dilemma, Pink Revolution initiated a transformative gas and grocery card program tailored to alleviate the financial burden on cancer patients in need.

The organization seeks to ensure that no individual battling cancer has to compromise their health due to financial constraints, providing tangible assistance and reaffirming its dedication to supporting patients throughout their challenging journey.


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It Takes a VILLAGE

Our PRBCA annual event wouldn't be as successful without the help of all of our family and friends, our volunteers, support from local businesses and generous donations.

""I love volunteering for Pink Revolution because when you deliver those bags you can see the joy and happiness, they bring to the patients.  During these uncertain times, a bag filled with love and care can make such a difference to a cancer patient's life.  Join the Revolution today!" 

Helene, Pink Rev Volunteer and Cancer Survivor

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