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NH Gives

We are so excited to be participating in the 2024 NH Gives 24-hour Fundraising event on June 11th and June 12th.

Heart for cancer_edited.png
Heart for cancer_edited.png
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NH Gives event is hosted by the NH Center for Nonprofits and is the state's largest day of giving.  Bringing together hundreds of nonprofits and tens of thousands of donors to raise as much money and awareness as possible for the causes served by NH's nonprofit sector.

It is 24 hours for Granite Staters to give back to the nonprofits that give so much to our communities every day.  The event begins at 5 PM on June 11 and ends at 5 PM on June 12. 

Our goal this year is to raise $10,000 in 24 hours which will be used to purchase gas/grocery gift cards and provide chemo care packages to cancer patients.
We hope you’ll join us as we need your help to make our campaign a success.


Here are a few easy ways that you can support us.

 Become a fundraising champion.

  • Go to our NH Gives page

  • Give to Pink Revolution Breast Care Alliance of NH | NH Gives

  • Click the "Fundraise" button, and follow the prompts to set up your profile.

  • We are asking our fundraising champions to ask five friends and family members to donate during NH Gives Event.

Be socially active. Online days of giving are successful because of our social networks. Help us grow       our social net: FacebookPINK Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance of New Hampshire. Like our             Facebook Page and share our posts on Facebook. Twitter: Tweet about the NH Gives, and share your       love for PINK Revolution of NH. Ask others to do the same! Work by inviting your friends and family to:

Sponsor a Match/Challenge for the day of the event

  • Anyone can sponsor with a minimum sponsorship of $500

  • Match and Challenges are designed to match/challenge donors throughout 24-hour event  

  • Match/Challenge criteria are determined by Sponsor and coordinated with NH Gives Pink Revolution Coordinator



For more information contact:

NH Gives Pink Revolution Coordinator

Lisa McBrine


or text/call 617-938-2192

Print one of the signs below (with full-color background or on white), hold the sign and take a picture or shoot a brief video talking about why you give to and why you love Pink Revolution of NH. Post it on social media with the hashtags #nhgives and #unselfie. Tag us and include a brief message with the post.

PLEASE GO TO:, click on menu, and downloads to print one of these off. Thank You.


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Let’s Work Together

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For more information contact:

NH Gives Pink Revolution Coordinator:

Lisa McBrine at

or text/call 617-938-2192

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