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Healing Hearts, Nourishing Souls:
Gas and Grocery Assistance for Cancer Patients


Welcome to Pink Revolution of NH, where we passionately believe that no patient should ever face the heartbreaking decision of forgoing chemotherapy simply because they cannot afford the cost of fuel to reach their treatment. Simultaneously, we are dedicated to ensuring that every patient has the ability to nourish themselves with healthy food during their treatment, recognizing the profound impact it has on positive patient outcomes.

Our initiative involves the collection of gas and grocery gift cards, each valued at $25. These invaluable resources are then provided to the compassionate social workers at oncology centers. These dedicated professionals play a crucial role in distributing the gift cards directly to patients facing financial challenges.

TOGETHER, we have the power to eliminate the barriers that hinder access to treatment. Join us in this mission as we strive to save the lives of cancer patients, one person at a time. Your support contributes to a collective effort that can make a significant difference in the lives of those undergoing the challenging journey of cancer treatment.

 We Distributed $113,475 Gift Cards in 2023! 

Our goal this year is to raise $160,000 for gas/grocery cards

Q1/Q2 Gift Card Support for Oncology Centers

Going through cancer treatments is hard enough, and then add the cost of medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. This can add lots of stress to the patient at a time when moving the stress and anxiety from your mind is so important to your recovery. The worry is real... about their health and now about the financial implications of a serious illness.

"You have no idea what these gas cards mean to our patients.  We hand them out and it instantly creates a huge smile on their face.  These cards are like gold!"   - Julia, Social Worker

filling car with gas

“It’s been a long journey, not to mention the worry about all the mounting medical bills!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive a grocery gift card today when I arrived to my treatment.  It’s the little things that make such a difference these days.  It helps knowing that there are so many wonderful people in this world supporting me during this very difficult time.  Thank you Pink Revolution!  I am grateful.”  - Donna C, Patient

" Dear Pink Revolution, Thank you! Thank you!  Thanks for all that you are doing to help our struggling, less fortunate patients!!!  There is not a great resource pool for this population and any help is greatly appreciated.  We are blessed to have your compassion, empathy, kindness and drive.  Many thanks and Happy Holidays."  - Karen, Nurse

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