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Gas/Grocery Gift Cards

Our mission at Pink Revolution is to provide support to our cancer patients. We collect gas/grocery gift cards in any denomination and provide them to the social workers at the oncology centers. They distribute the cards to their patients in need.

Our goal is $80,000 in gas/grocery cards distributed in 2022

Going through cancer treatments is hard enough, and then add the cost of medical expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. This can add lots of stress to the patient at a time when moving the stress and anxiety from your mind is so important to your recovery. The worry is real... about their health and now about the financial implications of a serious illness.

"You have no idea what these gas cards mean to our patients.  We hand them out and it instantly creates a huge smile on their face.  These cards are like gold!"   - Julia, Social Worker

filling car with gas

“It’s been a long journey, not to mention the worry about all the mounting medical bills!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive a grocery gift card today when I arrived to my treatment.  It’s the little things that make such a difference these days.  It helps knowing that there are so many wonderful people in this world supporting me during this very difficult time.  Thank you Pink Revolution!  I am grateful.”  - Donna C, Patient

" Dear Pink Revolution, Thank you! Thank you!  Thanks for all that you are doing to help our struggling, less fortunate patients!!!  There is not a great resource pool for this population and any help is greatly appreciated.  We are blessed to have your compassion, empathy, kindness and drive.  Many thanks and Happy Holidays."  - Karen, Nurse

  • Bring a gas gift card to the annual event in November.


  • Order a gas or grocery gift card(s) on line and have it sent to:

       Pink Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance of NH

       PO Box 578

       Brookline, NH 03033


       Links to order: 

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