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Pink Revolution of NH Skydiving Fundraiser

Cross another activity off your bucket list!

Join our Skydiving Fundraising Team

Friday, September 8th, 2023

Skydive Pepperell

Pepperell, MA

Time: TBD


More Info Here

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How You Can Help?

Going through cancer treatments is hard enough, and then add the cost of medical expenses not covered by insurance.  This can add lots of stress to the patient at a time when moving the stress and anxiety from their mind is so important to recovery.  The worry is real... about their health and now about the financial implications of a serious illness.

Let's band together and raise money to fill the gas tanks and put healthy food choices on the tables of cancer patients in need.  At Pink Revolution of NH we believe that no patient should have to skip treatment because they can't afford to get there.  We also believe that every patient deserves to have healthy food on the table, something that is critical to positive patient outcomes.

Donors - Donate Here

For non-online donations 

Please make check payable to:

Pink Revolution of NH, PO Box 578, Brookline, NH 03033

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