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Lauren Caulfield
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Lauren Caulfield


"My personal journey through 1.5 years of chemo was an eye-opening and transformative experience that led me to a profound realization of the challenges faced by cancer patients."

Lauren Caulfield, the co-founder and president of Pink Revolution of NH, has seamlessly blended her professional expertise with personal passion to make a significant impact. As the Regional Director of Loss Control at MEMIC, a workers' compensation insurance company, Lauren leads a team of health and safety professionals, focusing on enhancing policyholder risk management programs.

Lauren's professional journey at MEMIC has provided her with invaluable insights into the profound impact of health challenges on employees and their families. Through her work, she has witnessed firsthand the importance of proactive measures in ensuring the well-being of workers. This perspective has deeply influenced her commitment to Pink Revolution's mission of providing support services for cancer patients.

At MEMIC, Lauren champions integrating safety and support principles into risk management strategies, recognizing their essential role in fostering a resilient workforce. This holistic approach seamlessly aligns with Pink Revolution's objective of alleviating the burdens faced by cancer patients, reflecting Lauren's belief in the interconnectedness of proactive measures and comprehensive support services.

Driven by her personal experience of undergoing 1.5 years of chemotherapy, Lauren's dedication to Pink Revolution transcends mere professional obligation. Witnessing firsthand the challenges faced by cancer patients, from lacking support systems to practical barriers like transportation and access to meals, she felt compelled to bridge the gap between healthcare and holistic support. Lauren's unwavering commitment to empowering cancer patients echoes through Pink Revolution's impactful initiatives, making her a beacon of hope and resilience for individuals and families affected by cancer.

“I am proud to be the co-founder of Pink Revolution of NH. This organization continues to be the silver lining to my own personal cancer journey. I celebrate the privilege of turning adversity into empowerment. This initiative has been my canvas for resilience, ensuring that cancer does not dictate who I am but rather serves as a catalyst for positive change.”

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