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Ronda Chrystal
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Ronda Chrystal

Vice President

“I am committed to dedicating my time and joining the ranks of many other volunteers. Together as a team, we will collaborate to enhance the treatment experience for all cancer patients, regardless of the type of cancer they are facing.”

Ronda Chrystal, co-founder and vice president of Pink Revolution of NH, distinguishes herself as a pillar of empowerment and compassion within the fitness community. Combining her passion for health and wellness with philanthropy, Ronda extends her mission beyond physical exercise to uplift individuals on their journey to better health. In her role, she fosters a supportive and inclusive environment, guiding participants toward their fitness goals with proper instruction, form monitoring, and a focus on safety.

Central to Ronda's spirit is her dedication to educating and motivating others, striving to inspire positive lifestyle changes through fitness and wellness. Witnessing the transformative benefits of healthy living brings her immense fulfillment, driving her commitment to making a lasting impact on communities through her work. Inspired by personal connections and experiences, particularly her dear friend and co-founder Lauren Caulfield's battle with cancer, Ronda channels her empathy and compassion into initiatives that support cancer patients.

Driven by her desire to make a difference, Ronda's involvement with Pink Revolution is deeply rooted in her connection to the cause. Inspired by her friend's chemotherapy journey, Ronda took action by researching ways to support cancer patients and creating care packages filled with essentials. Today, these same types of essentials provide solace and support to individuals navigating the challenges of cancer treatment. As a dedicated volunteer and advocate, Ronda remains committed to enhancing the treatment experience for all cancer patients, embodying the transformative power of compassion and fitness in positively impacting lives.

“A group of thoughtful, committed volunteers can change the world. Empowering hope, one patient at a time.”

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