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Stephanie Rogers
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Stephanie Rogers


“Watching my mom fight has shown me how important strength and positivity is when facing cancer.”

Stephanie Rogers, a resident of Brookline, NH, shares her home with her husband, Tom, their daughter, Lauren, and two lively boxer dogs. By profession, Stephanie is a devoted special education preschool teacher. However, her dedication extends beyond the classroom walls. Having witnessed the profound impact of cancer firsthand, Stephanie and Tom found themselves drawn to the cause after forming a friendship with the founder of Pink Revolution, Lauren. Inspired by Lauren's journey through cancer and her subsequent establishment of Pink Revolution, Stephanie and Tom felt compelled to contribute. Their own experiences with cancer within their families fueled their desire to be part of the organization's mission. Stephanie now serves as the secretary for Pink Revolution, bringing her organizational skills and passion to the forefront.

Stephanie's involvement with Pink Revolution began with her participation in the planning committee and her leadership in the successful Mums fundraiser. Over time, her dedication led her to volunteer for the board, eventually accepting the position of secretary. The couple's personal experiences, having lost Tom's mother to cancer and witnessing Stephanie's own mother battle Mesothelioma, have deepened their commitment to supporting cancer patients on their journey to recovery. Through it all, Stephanie draws strength from her mother's resilience in her fight against cancer, recognizing the importance of positivity and fortitude in navigating the challenges of the disease. In her role with Pink Revolution, Stephanie channels her empathy and determination to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” - Bob Marley

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