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Susan Mabbett
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Susan Mabbett

“I am proud to contribute to this group who works so hard to ease the burden of cancer patients.”

Susan Mabbett, a resident of Milford, NH, resides happily with her husband, Lane, and their two dogs, indulging in their shared passion for hockey and hiking. With their daughter, Olivia, excelling as a nurse, and son, Parker, navigating college life, the Mabbett family finds joy in traveling to Parker’s hockey games and exploring nature trails. Beyond her recreational pursuits, Susan serves as a board member for Pink Revolution and actively participates in its initiatives, including administering SharePoint sites and contributing to grant writing efforts.

Currently employed as a business analyst supporting IT projects at SNHU, Susan’s commitment to community service extends to her professional life. Recently, her project team at SNHU volunteered to assist in organizing the annual Chemo Care Package event, reflecting her personal connection to cancer advocacy. Having overcome her own battle with cancer and witnessing its impact on her family, Susan was drawn to Pink Revolution’s mission of supporting cancer patients. Inspired by the dedication of its founders, Lauren and Ronda, she eagerly joined the planning committee and later accepted a position as a board member. Through her involvement, she channels gratitude for her own support network into meaningful contributions to alleviate the hardships faced by cancer patients.

“There is no better compass than compassion.” - Amanda Gorman

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