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2021 Chemo Care Pkg Event A Huge Success!

THE RESULTS ARE IN: 1500+ chemo care packages assembled and $45,000 in gas gift cards for patients in need!

PINK Revolution NH ribbon cutting ceremony with 130 volunteers
Ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate our new non-profit status. Photo credit: Leslie Eisenberg Photography

Pink Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance of NH celebrated the formation of their new non-profit with a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 13th in Brookline, NH. This special occasion was attended by 140 volunteers made up of cancer survivors, those currently undergoing cancer treatments, caregivers, and other warm-hearted volunteers who wanted to come and give back. Thank you to The Greater Merrimack-Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring our ribbon cutting ceremony.

The ceremony was followed by their annual event of volunteers coming together to assemble 1500 chemo care packages for 27 oncology centers in NH, Mass, and VT. This year the organization reached a new milestone by raising enough money to support 1800 cancer patients in need through their gas card distribution program. This initiative was added to their mission after hearing from oncology centers that patients are skipping chemotherapy treatments due to financial struggles. The gas cards will help to ensure that patients can get to their local treatments or specialty appointments in Boston. Fundraising will continue throughout the year and is being expanded to include grocery cards for those struggling with food insecurity.

A note from our President, Lauren Caulfield

Today was incredible. It was a day of the greatest sense of community, volunteerism, support, happiness, and just a feel good event. Our volunteers are what make this spectacular. Halfway through the event I had a chance to sit back and just take it all in. What I saw was teamwork, laughing, dancing at their workstations, I heard great music, and people coming together as one and making new friendships. The survivor/warrior ceremony particularly made me emotional. 25 women we honored today for their strength and courage. It brought tears.

A huge thank you to all the Pink Revolution of NH Volunteers, our business and individual donors, and each and every supporter of our organization. We are grateful!! Also, a special shout-out to Leslie Eisenberg from Leslie Eisenberg Photography for donating her time. Your pictures tell a wonderful story of a fantastic event. We love you Les!

Thank you to all the volunteers. They say it takes a village and it was clear today that our wonderful village arrived.


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