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our Annual Chemo Care Package Event Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship Packages to benefit breast cancer patients in NH and MA

Hello everyone:


First, sending everyone wishes of safety and well-being of health.

IMAGINE…you have been told those three dreadful words “you have cancer” AND you have to decide whether you put aside chemo treatment or feed your family because mounting medical bills, not covered by insurance, has created a financial hardship within your household budget.  You are questioning which is most essential, your health or food for the family.  You are faced with a financial dilemma.

IMAGINE…you or a loved one is dropped off, alone, at the front door of a medical center for a double mastectomy because the nation is constrained by COVID-19.  Sitting, isolated, in a room - not surrounded by the warmth of love/support of a familiar face as you anxiously await that surgery.

While it is our hope that no one has to experience those “imaginings”, the reality is many cancer patients are skipping chemo treatments because they are struggling financially  - fueling their personal vehicles to drive to Boston for a specialty cancer appointment is out of the question.  Hard to believe… but true!

This is where Pink Revolution steps in to help navigate the toughest time in the life of someone who is experiencing the side effects of cancer through the distribution of our unique Care Packages.  As one patient described “these care packages are a great pick me up especially during a time when I couldn’t bring my support system to chemo treatments”.  Pink Revolution’s trademark is best known for our care packages which include: toiletries, written messages of hope, gas gift cards, throw blankets, hand-crafted hats, coloring pages and games – to name a few items.

The work we are doing is critical.  The phone is ringing off the hook with oncology centers wanting more and more chemo care packages to help ease the way for cancer patients who are going through chemo treatments alone.  More and more patients need financial assistance and they are asking for more gas gift cards than ever!  The chemo chairs are filled!  Patients’ mental health is at risk.  Bringing your family member or friend with you to consultations, diagnostic exams, surgeries, and treatments is no longer an option.


We invite you to consider participation in our new SPONSORSHIP program.  The offerings within our SPONSORSHIP program is through our care packages and financial support such as the gas and grocery gift cards.

  • 100% of your dollars will be used to purchase gas/grocery gift cards and chemo care package products

  • A $2,000 donation can put a tank of gas in 80 patient’s gas tanks which can mean that you are covering the cost of a couple round trips to chemo

  • A $1,000 donation can sponsor chemo care packages for 50 patients

  • A $500 donation can cover the cost of 10 meals for a family of four plus 20 roundtrips to treatment


Regardless of your donation amount – no amount is too small!  While you may not be in a position to join our SPONSORSHIP program, please know that your donation is greatly appreciated.  If donations cannot be offered at this time, we welcome your prayers of support, encouragement and guidance.

We are most grateful to all our volunteers and supporters. Without you, this event could never happen!

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