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Jim Caulfield
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Jim Caulfield

“Having witnessed the toll of this disease through the loss of several family members and intimately accompanying my wife on a challenging journey through chemotherapy and radiation, I understand firsthand the emotional and financial burdens faced by cancer patients.”

Jim Caulfield brings a wealth of experience to Pink Revolution's board of directors, with over three decades as an Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Professional within Fortune 500 companies. Throughout his illustrious career, Jim has championed implementing rigorous EHS standards, effectively managing programs and personnel to uphold safety protocols and mitigate risks. His expertise aligns with the organization's mission to support cancer patients, as Jim's efforts have contributed to creating safer environments and reducing exposure to potential carcinogens. By emphasizing compliance with EHS standards, Jim underscores the collective endeavor to prevent cancer and enhance outcomes for those undergoing treatment.

Jim's connection to Pink Revolution is deeply personal, rooted in his firsthand experiences with the devastating impact of cancer. Having witnessed the loss of several family members and intimately accompanying his wife through the challenges of chemotherapy and radiation, Jim understands the emotional and financial burdens faced by cancer patients. Inspired by his wife's resilience and compassion, Jim wholeheartedly embraced the vision of establishing a non-profit organization to provide solace and aid to those navigating the complexities of cancer treatment. His unwavering commitment to Pink Revolution's mission reflects a profound dedication to offering financial assistance and emotional support to individuals confronting cancer.

With a steadfast belief in easing the burdens of cancer patients, Jim is relentless in his commitment to ensuring Pink Revolution's initiatives effectively alleviate the stress and challenges encountered throughout their journey. By lending his expertise and personal conviction to the cause, Jim embodies the compassion and solidarity that defines Pink Revolution's mission. Jim exemplifies the organization's unwavering commitment to supporting cancer patients and fostering a community of care and resilience through his leadership and dedication.

“As a board member of Pink Revolution, I am honored to stand alongside dedicated individuals, united in our mission to support cancer patients in their journey towards treatment and recovery. Our commitment to providing vital resources, including access to treatment and nutritious food options, stems from a deeply personal understanding. Having witnessed the impact of cancer within my own family, I am driven by the profound difference our collective efforts make in the lives of those facing this challenging journey.”

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