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Chemo Hats


  • Male and Female hand knitted or crocheted hats/beanies

  • Adult hats only

  • No pompoms please

DEADLINE: We collect year round


Brookline, NH Public Library

Townsend, MA Public Library

Pepperell, MA Public Library

Boys & Girl's Club, Milford, NH

Mail Hats To:

PO Box 578

Brookline, NH 03033

For more information email us at:

2023 Chemo Hat Goal = 1500
We are collecting adult male and female chemo hats for our 2023 annual chemo care package event.

As a breast cancer survivor who lost  hair during treatment, my head was always cold. I wore hats to bed, around the house, and when I was out and about. I remember trying on 40 hats at the wig store to find just the right one.  I was looking for a hat that was soft, kept my head warm, and wasn’t scratchy! When you go through treatment your head is incredibly sensitive, not to mention how tender it becomes after wearing a wig around all day! Here are some suggestions from the “Knots of Love” website:

  1. Yarn softness is KEY.  The softer the better

  2. Thinner/seamless/non-lumpy  beanies are good for sleeping

  3. Lace can be scratchy

  4. Chemo patients are very sensitive to smell. Hats should be fragrance, smoke, pet hair and odor-free.  If you smoke or have a pet, please wash in a fragrance free detergent and dry the beanie before sending them.

Crochet/knit patterns or a head size chart can be found at the knots of love website:


Each year hundreds of individual knitters and knitting groups come together from all parts of the country to hand make knitted/crocheted beanies for our cancer patients. During our last event we collected nearly 2,000 hats.  We are looking for male and female hats to put into our chemo care packages. When complete please contact us at to arrange a drop off time. If you prefer to mail the hats you can send them to:  Pink Revolution Breast Cancer Alliance of NH, PO Box 578, Brookline, NH 03033. 


We are also accepting lapghans/shawls (in male/female colors).  When receiving treatment your body is often cold and those heated blankets they give you lose their warmth quickly.  Again, yarn softness is important.  Because we provide these to patients throughout the year, we prefer that they are not made with holiday themes or colors. 


If you are interested in knitting/crocheting a full size afghan we would gladly accept it for our event raffles.  The raffle money raised is used to purchase gas gift cards for cancer patients in need.


Thank you!

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