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Warming Hearts, Stitch by Stitch: Volunteers Handknit Chemo Hats for Comfort

As someone who experienced hair loss during treatment, I constantly grappled with the discomfort of a cold head. Whether I was at home, heading to bed, or out and about, I relied on hats for warmth. My criteria were simple – I sought a hat that was gentle on my sensitive scalp, kept me warm, and avoided any scratchiness. The heightened sensitivity of the scalp during treatment, coupled with the tenderness from wearing a wig throughout the day, made finding the right hat crucial. Explore some recommendations from the "Knots of Love" website below:

  1. Yarn softness is KEY.  The softer the better

  2. Thinner/seamless/non-lumpy beanies are good for sleeping

  3. Lace can be scratchy

  4. Chemo patients are very sensitive to smell. Hats should be fragrance, smoke, pet hair and odor-free.  If you smoke or have a pet, please wash in a fragrance free detergent and dry the beanie before sending them.

Patterns or head size chart visit:  Knots of Love

big-patient loving her hat.jpg

Beaming with Pride and Gratitude!

This patient shines bright and lights up our day with her beautiful smile and the chemo hat from our care package.


  • Male and Female hand knitted or crocheted hats/beanies

  • Adult hats only

  • No pompoms please                          

DEADLINE: We collect year round


(Available during the months of July-November)

Brookline, NH Public Library

Townsend, MA Public Library

Amherst, NH Public Library

Boys & Girl's Club, Milford, NH

2024 Chemo Hat Goal = 1800
We are collecting adult male and female chemo hats for our 2024 annual chemo care package event.

Mail Hats To:

PO Box 578

Brookline, NH 03033

For more information email us at:

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