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Thank You Cards

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We are overjoyed to share that we've reached our ambitious goal for 2024: a remarkable collection of 1,800 heartfelt thank you cards! This incredible milestone wouldn't have been possible without the boundless creativity, compassion, and dedication of our cherished crafters.

To each and every crafter who poured their love and thoughtfulness into crafting these tokens of appreciation, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your contributions have woven a tapestry of gratitude, bringing light and warmth to those who deserve recognition and appreciation.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of this extraordinary community effort. Here's to the countless smiles your cards will bring and the ripple of kindness they'll inspire!

In 2019, a group of six compassionate crafters from Wilton, NH conceived the heartwarming idea of including a handmade thank-you card in every chemo care package. The purpose was to offer patients a meaningful card to express gratitude to those who supported them throughout their journey – be it family, caregivers, friends, oncology nurses, doctors, and more. Over eleven months, these dedicated individuals crafted an astonishing 1300 handmade cards! This marked the inception of our Thank You Card Program, showcasing the remarkable generosity of our selfless volunteers who continually find creative ways to give back.

Currently seeking….


Crafters to make hand made Thank You Cards for cancer patients to give to their caregivers. 

- Cards no larger than 4 x 5

- Please provide envelopes

- Thank you message on front of card; blank inside


For further questions or to coordinate local delivery please email


Finished cards can be mailed to:

Pink Revolution of NH, PO Box 578,

Brookline, NH 03033


Thank you for your support!

Our goal for 2024 is 1,800 Thank you cards.
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